Bowron Wool Babycare Rug Longwool Bone

Natural shaped wool rugs for babies and children with a size length of 80-100cm and a minimum width of 48cm. It comes in two wool fibre lengths  an unshorn longwool in Bone colour with pile height of 40-70mm (this product) and a short wool shorn pile of 35cm in an Oaten colour (please click here). If these rugs are used in a cot or bed it is recomended to place a sheet over the pile for children aged 1 year and below.

These rugs have all the advantages and properties of natural wool temperature controlling both cool in summer and warm in winter ideal as a sleep on comforter or playmat for baby.

This particular product is the Longwool rug

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Bowron Wool Babycare Rug Longwool Bone

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