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PhoenixFix Pro 2 is the most recent Group 1 ISOFix car seat from Kiddy!

Designed as a Group 1 car seat, the PhoenixFix Pro is suitable for use between 9kg to 18kg (or about 9 months to 4 years). Taking off and improving upon the Kiddy Energy Pro car seat, the PhoenixFix Pro 2 features the ISOFix attachment into your vehicle.

Known globally for their unobstructed views that they offer their passengers, the Kiddy range of car seats also utilises ergonomically designed headrests that support your child's head correctly and safely whilst they are asleep. Building upon their safety-focused design and rigorous testing, Kiddy car seats feature an integrated impact shield design which reduces the risk of sever neck injury compared with a more usual 5-point harness system. In simple terms in the event of a jolt (from a collision) the force of the impact is spread over the whole car seat as opposed to mainly the neck and shoulders area - so the risk of serious neck injuries is greatly reduced. If you then couple this with the innovative Side Impact Protection System from Kiddy then the child is protected from all angles.

The new Kiddy Phoenixfix pro 2 is the first Group 1 child car seat to achieve the top rating of "Very good" in tests by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest.
Top marks in the categories of safety, handling and pollutant levels lead to an overall score of 1.4. This is the best result that has ever been awarded for a Group 1 (9-18 kg) child car seat.

"Kiddy has achieved a first in the latest test: this supplier provided the first very good seat for older children up to four years of age. Until now, the top rating was reserved for infant carriers," reads the verdict of Stiftung Warentest.

Kiddy PhoenixFix Pro 2 Tests

The PhoenixFix Pro 2 from Kiddy has been designed as a lightweight car seat for the advantage point of it therefore being easier to move from car to car if required, but also when the weight of the seat is reduced it means that in the event of an accident the a frontal collision the accelerated forces are much lower than a heavier car seat would be.

Some of the other features of the Kiddy PhoenixFix Pro are:

  • Headrest height is adjustable via a one-hand adjustment
  • ISOFix connection via latches - although does not need to be used
  • generous shoulder support ensuring correct positioning for upper body
  • utilising the Honeycomb V2 panelling design to act as a further shock absorber
  • easy to install protective body impact shield reduces the risk of error when fitting
  • an adjustable recline position for when your child is sleeping
  • as well as extra padding for leg area there is an adjustable foldable seat cushion to provide correct seating position
  • the seat area itself is quite generous too
  • fabrics are plush and comfortable and use a breathable thermotex material for a comfortable temperature for your child
  • fabrics can be removed for washing
  • Kiddy car seats are approved by TÜV Rheinland and the Federal Aviation Authority for use in aircraft
  • After the flight and on vacation you can also use the child seat in a rental car and so there is no need to make a compromise on safety

The PhoenixFix Pro 2 is available in the latest colours of Marrakech, Mumbai, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Oslo, Honolulu, Singapore, Dublin, Manhattan and Silverstone!

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Kiddy PhoenixFix Pro 2 - Mumbai

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